Domestic oven

Happy Pizza offers a range of  technologically products  that combines the quality of tradition with convenience of wood fired oven with refractory bricks.

Happy Pizza products have been designed and manufactured with high quality materials to ensure excellent performance. The ovens reach operating temperature very quickly, in a few minutes they are ready to use.

Happy Pizza ovens have a uniform heat distribution inside the combustion chamber thanks to the thermal conductivity of refractory bricks and radiation via stainless steel double chamber. The strong combustion that is created in the chamber provides uniform cooking of all foods.

Ideal for cooking pizzas, roasts, vegetables and desserts.

Happy Pizza ovens can be placed outdoors and indoors (built-in and coated) and are easily transportable due to their wheels.

Domestic line is designed for the family to share moments of happiness with children and friends while cooking with pleasure. An oven that fits in with the surrounding environment.